Phoenix Traffic Service has been honored to serve shippers and receivers for over 50 continuous years. Our experience is yours and can be yours on a basis that guarantees results or no charge.

Phoenix Traffic Service recognizes the challenge to reduce the cost of transportation can be overwhelming in the face of today’s business environment. Freight carriers usually charge correctly, but human error and constant rate changes produce overcharges. We have, through the years, found a certain percentage of overcharges and duplicate payments in all freight bills. We have been successful in not only finding these errors, but in also recovering these “lost” funds for our clients.

Phoenix Traffic Service has been tremendously successful auditing carrier freight bills, finding overcharges, rating errors, duplicate payments, etc. Phoenix Traffic Service also provides a variety of cost saving logistical support services.

PTS: Pre-Audit

Would you like a qualified "Monday" morning quarterback to audit your carriers' performance and invoicing?

Would you like to know that all your shipments were billed accurately for the service requested and to your company's rate?

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PTS: Post-Audit

Phoenix Traffic Service would like the opportunity to review a month's worth of your freight carriers' invoices free of charge. After this post-payment audit period, if you are satisfied with our ability to recover freight overspending, we can discuss the savings potential even further.

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PTS: Database Availability
Database Availability

We will capture data from all received Invoices. This data provides “key” fields for Trend Analysis. These trends can be tracked to locate Freight Spend Savings opportunities.

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PTS: Logistical Review
Logistical Review

Through auditing and/or freight invoice data collection we can identify savings opportunities for successful supply chain spending discretion. Customizable reports for logistics and management analysis can identify unwanted spending patterns.

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The challenge to reduce costs of inbound transportation can be an overwhelming challenge in the face of today's business environment. Give us a call at your convenience to talk about Phoenix Traffic Service being your logistics "Monday morning quarterback".–Phoenix Traffic Service

Think of it this way: A business ships $1 million monthly with 20 carriers. A 1% overcharge average would mean $10,000.00 in lost revenue due to carrier overcharges per month. How much business does a company have to do to produce $120,000.00 in spendable annual income?–Phoenix Traffic Service

PTS’ goal is to provide you with the most accurate logistical programs available anywhere. We offer personal service for your benefit to affect sizeable cost savings. Our service will help you do just that. We look forward to discussing your logistics needs in depth.–Phoenix Traffic Service